This is cute!

Alright everyone.. I’m taking this idea from Lindsay’s Blog, who took it from- Erika’s Blog. It’s really cute so please play along!

If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, (even if we don’t speak often or don’t know each other) please post a comment with a COMPLETELY MADE UP AND FICTIONAL memory of you and me. It can be anything you want – good or bad – BUT IT HAS TO BE FAKE. When you’re finished, post this little paragraph on your blog and be surprised (or mortified) about what people DON’T ACTUALLY remember about you!

Post away – and be creative! (from girl fiend)

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I’ve been gone a time. For those of you who know me, and haven’t heard yet, my Uncle Daddy passed away on Sunday. As soon as I can do him justice by sitting down for a bit, i’ll write up a great entry for him. For now this will have to do. Thank you for all of your prayers and thoughts.

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Lions, and Tigers, and Bras… OH MY!

So it’s been a fun day, I fell asleep in reading again. I fell asleep in a chair outside a class while I was reading my book. The day just got progressively worse. I went home and found my dad and my uncle daddy at home. Uncle daddy was just recently released from the hospital and will be staying with us. I’m very happy he’s out of the hospital and that’s not why I say my day has gotten worse, because seeing dad and uncle daddy made the beginning part of my day seem to fade. My Uncle Daddy is very very sick. I would appreciate all the faith and prayers you can spare.

On a funnier, slightly weird note… I had to buy gasoline at a rapid roberts tonight and as I walked in to pay the lady behind the counter, she commented on my attire. First let me explain to you what I was wearing. I had on jeans a long shirt with lace at the top and bottom and one of those half jean jackets that looks like it should be for a busty four year old. I walk in and the lady says,

“What happened to your jacket?!”
“I have a hard time figuring out the washing machine.”
“It came like that didn’t it?”
“Yes ma’am I bought it this way.”
“I thought so, You know what I hate to buy?”
“No, what?”
“BRASSIERES! My husband and I went shopping for brassieres the other day and he brought me a double E and I told him I’m walking out and i’ll never wear a bra again. Then my daughter let me know that they had an aisle with brassieres that were only 2.50 each. So I bought three.”

Ladies and Gentlemen….I didn’t know anything about this woman when I walked in to purchase my gasoline, now I know what types of brassieres she prefers, and her cup size.

God Bless America.

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I wanna know…Have you ever seeen the rain..

Well I successfully completed my first two days at school and let me tell ya, its everything I remember it being… Weather is freezing, Backpack is breaking my back, My shoe rubbed a blister on my heel, and I fell asleep in my reading class! I love it, I love it, I love it!

So I go into my 3rd class of the day–a General Education Program that you are required to take before you graduate. The teacher walks in, in a frumpy black shirt, and black skirt, and black tights, and black shoes….Glasses…The whole nine yards. I’m thinkin great, I’ve got one of ‘Those‘ teachers. You know the ones where they’re frowning the whole time and they’re pissed that they had to even come into a classroom because they’d rather be at home with their 15 cats watching reruns of “Dark Shadows”(old vampire series). I’m already dreading the class, and i’m not even sure what this class is about. I take out my Ipod and start flippin through songs, when I hear Credence Clearwater Revival start blaring…I look up and frump had turned on the music. I look around and hear someone saying, “The class cant be too bad if she’s starting off with CCR.” I agree. The music was used to get us into that 60’s feel when the Vietnam war was going on.

Turns out i’m taking combat memoirs I’m freakin stoked. I love to talk about the wars, my father served two tours of Vietnam with the army. He was a drill sergeant and military police. I’m so freakin proud of my dad, and my uncle daddy-(his twin) they both served. For my final project in the class i’m interviewing them so they can go on the record with their experiences. The final draft will be sent to the Library of Congress so that my great great grandchildren can check it out and see how fantastic these men are, and why they should be so proud to be alive and living in the United States of America. So many of these stories go unmentioned and no one really knows what went on the effects of war still linger on my father, and they’re feelings and visions that will never leave him.

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Seafood Cakes and Wine Mustaches

So Colby and I came back from our binge eating bonanza! It was great. I had Honey Rosemary Chicken with pasta in a nice red wine marinara sauce, and Colbin had Manicotti with a white wine based white sauce, and a red wine based marinara sauce with chicken. It was a cute little restaurant. Colby had red wine…blah I only like the wine where its sooo soo sweet. First sip and hello i’m drunk. Colby loves to drink the nice pinot noir and such, the kind that burns your insides on the way down.

Moscato Allegro…now thats a good wine-definitely try it with chocolate its FANTASTIC! You can’t buy it at your wal-mart discount stores, you’ll have to go to the international wine center—its fairly inexpensive..

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Mmmmm Diets

Colb and I are going balls to the wall and we’re starting a diet tomorrow! Except tonight we’re going to PIG OUT! We’re going to J Parrino’s an Italian restaurant here in the city. I’m stoked, and i’m starving. Colb’s in the bathroom primping while i’m sitting in my jeans and tank top that I put on this morning bright and early.

We just got back in town, we’ve been in Kansas City this weekend hangin out with his family. We had a great time and I probably gained 12 pounds during that great time. 😉 I love home cooked meals! I wish I could have home cooked meals all the time, but since I live out of my car and haven’t mastered cooking off the radiator yet I have to do the drive-thru thing….

Anyways, we’ve started a weight loss program at work and we have to weigh in at the beginning of every week. I’ve decided since i’ve weighed in this past Saturday that I can eat what I want tonight and then be a very dedicated dieter tomorrow. Lets hope this works out.

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Oh Baby

So on Thursday I took my sister, Stori, to her first doctor visit reguarding her pregnancy. It was the most amazing thing i’ve ever seen/heard. I’m very excited to be a part of the entire experience, my very first nephew/niece. We went in and first things first, how far along are you? She ended up being about 10 weeks along. That is an early time to hear a heartbeat, but he decided that since she was so skinny he’d try to hear it anyways. He put the monitor on her belly and low and behold–there it was just as fast and as strong as it could be.

We then went to her first ultrasound and saw the little peanut. It was absolutely the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. You could see baby fingers, and toes, a nose, little arms and legs. I was absolutely awe stuck, I’m gonna just say it a tear came to my eyes.

Here I am watching my baby sister having her first baby ultrasound. Its very odd to think that she could be possibly growing a little penis inside her….hehe

(my boyfriend is the coolest)*thank you colbin. He temporarily took over the keyboard.

YAY BABIES! I’m gonna be the coolest auntie ever!!

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Schools about to begin, and i’m just not ready for it. Usually I have all of my books gathered and spread out nice and neat on my bed with all of my stuff like pencils…Everyone needs pencils. I, however, have not bought any of the things that you need for school. No books. No paper, no pencils. I’m not looking forward to my classes and I’m not finished with my “vacation” yet.

Sleeping in really gets to me when I get to do it for an extended period of time. I LOVE to sleep. Colby was talking about sleep yesterday and was saying how we spend half of our lives lying on our backs….*I prefer my side, but ehh. Anyways, he was really philosophical about it all. He had been drinking a little, and it was around 1:15ish but he really seemed upset about it all. I still love to sleep–very peaceful–I’m sleepy right now.

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Things NOT to do if you’re a customer at Wal-Mart

While I was at work last night I started thinking about all the things that really piss me off! In my head I compiled a little list of things not to do–well to me anyways, because they all piss me off in some little way.

  • Absolutely do not throw stuff at me while i’m trying to get you checked out.
  • Do not look at me while i’m standing at the register and ask me if i’m open..Clearly I am or I wouldn’t be standing there. *there are lights, look at them!
  • Do not stand there waiting to pay and pretend not to see the bags piling up next to you. I KNOW you see them! Put them in your damn cart!
  • Don’t walk into the line if I have no customers and cleverly say, “you were waiting for me!” haha…Not funny
  • If you hit me with your cart- Say your sorry!
  • Do not *while i’m standing in an aisle cleaning* pick something up and place it in the wrong spot, especially when the correct spot is right freakin next to me.
  • Don’t ask me where something is or the price on something and then argue with me when I show you.
  • For the last time, do I look like I can swipe that through the crack of my ass and tell you the price. I’m not a walking register. I know i’m good, contrary to popular belief I do not know everything.
  • If i’m standing at the very top of a ladder–DO NOT under any circumstances walk up to my ladder and proceed to shake it!
  • Finally, do not call wal-mart and expect me to do your shopping…

I only place these rants on here because they’ve all happened to me! If you happen to do any of these to me you’re liable to walk out with no gum, your bread smashed, and your eggs broken.

Have a nice day!

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A bright new home.

Ok people…I loved the old blog, but what can I say. I couldn’t make that blog pretty, and I was getting very irritated. I would like to know what you think of the new set up. This blog is a little easier to maneuver..for me anyways. I think this will be a great home. If anyone knows how to pull all of my old stuff from my old journal over to this one I would love it if you’d drop me a line. That would be fantastic!! Until then we’ll just pick up where we left off.

Thanks for keeping up with me.

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