My 2 year old!

Dear Emery Jack,

A lot has happened since my sweet little boy has turned two. We had a wonderful birthday party, which I know I blogged about, but it’s not here….weird. We had a great birthday party complete with lots of trains and cars and tractors. You LOVE riding your “bikes”. So many people were at your birthday party to share the excitement with you. You sat at the table in a big boy chair and were SO excited when you saw your “Happy Cake” You love when people sing happy birthday, in fact, you will just break out into “Happy Birthday” while we’re at restaurants or driving in the car. You like to sing it to ever person you can remember ever meeting- Including the cat.

You are such a wonderful little boy and bring so much happiness into our lives. Thinking of our lives without you seem so dull and boring in comparison to what we were missing. We are so in love with you. You are so sensitive to others and get very worried if you think someone is upset or hurt. You ask “Better Mama?” over and over again until I tell you I’m ok, even if I wasn’t upset to begin with. You are very in tune to people’s tones in their voice. For instance in the car while driving now, I cannot be frustrated with other drivers like I used to. If I say anything with any tone other than my normal tone you get upset and ask me if I’m better. I now have to tell people their crazy drivers with a smile on my face. ย You’re doing a great job of making me be a better person. Iย consciouslyย have to think about how I conduct myself every second of my life when I’m with you, it shouldn’t be any other way, but I realize that’s why some moms go nuts. Sometimes you need to be allowed to be frustrated. ๐Ÿ™‚

When you turned 25 months old we moved to Ozark, MO and live about 5 duplexes down from your Uncle Jake and Gina. You did very good with the move and I’m so glad because at first you couldn’t understand why we weren’t going home. I kept having to take you to your bedroom and explain to you that we are home, these are your things. You also had your very last day of daycare with all of your friends: Ayden, Jorja, and Ethan. You ask about them still and get our your play cell phone and call them up every once and a while just to chat. I have a picture of all four of you hanging on our refrigerator so we can talk about them when we have dinner. I struggled with the thought of taking you out of daycare because these were the first friends you had ever made and I was taking you away from everything you knew. You seem to be doing ok though. Maybe this will come back to haunt me when you’re a teenager and you look back on your blossoming social life :). I hope not.

We recently went on our first vacation as a family to Los Angeles, California. The Jennings’ side of the family packed up to see your GG and Uncle Daron because he has cancer and doesn’t want to be far from his doctors. So we brought the party to his doorstep ๐Ÿ™‚

You did AMAZING. Such a trooper you were. You turned 26 months old the first full day were were there. We went to the beach and you gotย buriedย up to your armpits by Uncle Jake and Uncle Matt. You even helped them by packing sand around yourself. You loved it! The memories we continue to make with you every day I delicately fold away and put in my pocket to keep with me always.

I picked you up from your Sissy’s house the other night after dad and I had a date night out and you looked at me and said, “Mama, I so happy to see you!” You melt my heart.

I love you so very much!



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23 Months

Dear Emery Jack,

Once again this is a little late, but I’ve been saving some sweet stories for you from month 23. I cannot believe that in a few short weeks you will be 2 years old. When I was pregnant I thought that 9 months dragged on, when you were born I thought I’d never make it through the first year, and here we are at year two and I now feel like they’re flying by.
You amaze me in so many ways each day you’re doing something new. This past month you put together short little sentences that melt my heart. Leaving daycare you tell me, “I love you, Mama.” I remember waiting so patiently to hear the word Mama and now getting to hear it all the time…words cannot describe.
I am so proud of the little boy you’ve become. There are a lot of things that I feel I’m doing just OK at, but I feel like we’re doing something right with our sweet little almost two year old. When someone sneezes you say, “Bless you.” When you are given something you always say, “Thank you.” When you’re in trouble for something and we ask you to go to your room and sit until you’ve got it under control you walk into your room, sometimes stomp, and sit down until you’re feeling better and then come out and grace us with your presence.
I’ve always said that when I have children that I want people to want them to come around and not dread seeing them because they cannot control themselves. You have made that a reality. I don’t think anyone would cringe at the thought of you coming to see them. You really are a great kid.
Yesterday we had a bbq for daddy’s birthday and to celebrate Easter. There were so many people here and you had such a great time hunting eggs with your cousins Maggie and Macee. Here are a few pictures of this weekend and of last month as well. Happy Easter, Love.
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22 Months.

Dear Emery,

Yesterday you turned 22 months old! In a blink of an eye you became a toddler, complete with the meltdowns, and silly personality. I would have a hard time denying that you’re my son because you and I are a lot alike ๐Ÿ™‚ (Daddy is so lucky!)
This past month has been full of all kinds of new changes and opportunities. Your daddy has had five interviews in the past month and next week we should be hearing back from 4 of the schools. One school, Missouri State University, has already given us an offer, but we’re waiting to see what the best deal will be before we decide on anything. I hope someday that we’ll be able to put down roots somewhere so you’ll be able to keep your friends and have some stability. Your daddy and I have been gypsies since we were in college. It’s a fun lifestyle to have always moving around, seeing new things, traveling has always been something your dad and I have in common.

This past month has come with little changes in you as well. It’s hard to pinpoint now when these things start happening, but now we’re able to talk to you and receive an answer. The other day when I was driving you home from daycare you asked about daddy and I told you he was at work. You replied, “Ok.” which came out as “O-Day”. When you see family photos now you’re not only able to pick out mommy and daddy, but a couple of nights ago you were able to point to yourself and say, “Emy!” Your dad and I looked at each other with huge grins, we are SO very proud of you.
Last weekend we were making breakfast and you were in your high chair and daddy dropped something and said, “Shit” and then we heard this sweet little voice mocking him saying, “shit, shit.” Our mouths fell open. We knew this day would come. We just didn’t know how soon. Our tiny little guy is growing up. When did this happen?!

You recently got your first pet, if you don’t count the goldfish and the day when we had two dogs for a night. We have a cat who we lovingly refer to as “June Carter”. We rescued her from the humane society and you love her!! You call her “Meow” and this morning were tormenting her with a stuffed mouse. She tries to hide and you follow her into her cat house. It took your daddy 10 years, but he was able to get me to say yes to a cat. Hell has frozen over. ๐Ÿ™‚
One minute I’m carrying you in a baby bjorn while you’re snoozing through Target and the next I’m pushing you in the cart each of us Starbucks in hand. Time flies when you’re having fun, Emery.

Emery Jack I love you to pieces.
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19/20/21 Months.

Dear Emery Jack,

These past few months have been very crazy so lets start from where we left off. The last post I had

written was in November and Here it is almost February, where has the time gone? I suppose this is what happens when you’re older and I used to think it was because
when you get older you began to forget things, but I think what they really mean when they say things like, where has the time gone or time flies is that your life becomes so much more rich and fulfilled that there is almost no time to sit and write about life when you’re out living it.
Thanksgiving has obviously came and went and it was a great time. You spend Thanksgiving day at your Nana and Papa Cochrane’s house fussing with your cousins Maggie and Macee. There seems to be a little decent among the ranks now that you’re a little older and Macee still thinks she’s the baby. You two fight like brother and sister. The following Saturday was
spent at your Nana and Papaw Jennings’ house just like always you demanded your nana’s attention and refused to get out of the kitchen. You are becoming so very head strong.

December was a fun time and a very very sad time. We spent the 23rd in Butler at your Great Grandma and Grandpa Welsh’s house where you got to see all of your 2nd cousins. You and Aerowyn had a screaming match to see who could be the loudest, Aerowyn won hands down. You got a puppy that makes noise that you can walk on a leash that your grandpa went out to wal-mart and bought for you. This is a big deal considering the dog’s leash was pink and purple, just seeing the picture in my mind of your great grandpa walking through Wal-mart carrying that thing makes me laugh. The entire drive home the dog was barking and whining in the back seat of his pick-up.
Christmas Eve was spent at Nana and Papa Cochrane’s we had a wonderful time and you were SO excited to get to open presents. The entire time we were there you were walking around to all of the presents and people yelling, “RIP IT RIP IT” which actually came out sounding like “RIBBIT RIBBIT”. You had a blast!!

Christmas Day was spent at our house just the three of us. We woke up early (I woke up early) and did everything in my power to keep quiet up until the moment I started banging pots and pans around in the kitchen because the suspense was killing me. I thought for sure you’d get up early since we had been traveling so much and your schedule was off, but you slept in until 8:00. As soon as I heard you start to stir I ran in yelling “SANTA WAS HERE!!! Merry Christmas!!” Before anything else we were on the floor cell phones in hand to capture the moment. We got you started on the first present because you were still in a sleep induced haze, but you caught on pretty quickly. As soon as you’d finish open one you’d point for us to hand you another while yelling, “RIBBIT RIBBIT!!”. Your favorite gift was the Thomas the Train toys we got you. You are absolutely obsessed and we are definitely enabling this addiction. During the day you have to have a train in each hand at all times. I have even gotten you out of your crib in the morning to find you holding on to one of your trains wondering how in the world you got that. In the car we have to watch Thomas while holding Thomas and sometimes wearing Thomas. Hopefully this is a phase :).
Christmas night was spent in Butler at your Nana and Papaw Jennings’ house where we got to see your great grandma and grandpa Jennings’ from San Antonio. The last time they had seen you was the Christmas before and you have changed so very much. You were still very fascinated with your Great Grandpa Ron he had a voice that could quiet a room. During this time we were able to get a four generation picture at your Great Grandpa Ron’s request. It was wonderful.
On December 29th, 2011 early in the morning your Great Grandpa Jennings went out to walk his dog Riley after flying back to San Antonio and never made it home. Your Great Grandma Jean found him lying on the sidewalk Riley at his side. We are so saddened by this Emery Jack, but so very grateful that he was able to meet you. He was a wonderful man and it isn’t the same without him. He was laid to rest in Kansas City, Mo on Friday, January 13th, 2012.
Tomorrow is a very important day for our family as well. This week your daddy has been receiving injections to increase his stem cell production so that he can donate this to a woman that he doesn’t even know. A woman who is very sick and needed someone who matched her bone marrow type. I am so proud of your dad. Some days I look at our life and think, “What did I do to deserve this kind of happiness?” People can look their entire lives for what we have. I hope that we can pass this love of life, and what it holds, on to you.
Life is a very funny thing Emery and every day we are reminded that the reason life is so precious is the fact that it doesn’t last forever, that we can be taken away in a heart beat. My hopes and prayers for you are that you live your life to the fullest and that you make the most of every moment you have. Know that we love you so very much, son.
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18+ months.

Dear Emery Jack,

I feel so guilty for not having this post written right away. There were many times that I thought about it this past month, but every time I sit down to write, life happens. I cannot believe that my tiny little baby that I brought home from the hospital in his sweet little blue striped tiger pants is a year and a half already. Where does the time go? When you get older you’ll see what I mean.
There are so many new things you’ve brightened our days with. You recently had your 2nd Halloween, but this time you were able to trick-or-treat and get candy. I only let you have a few suckers, but those suckers were the best things EVER in your eyes. You dressed as Elmo this year and you were the cutest Elmo EVER!
October was a very crazy month in our household. I had parent teacher conferences and it was SO stressful. There are so many times I wonder if going back to work was the best thing for our family. Yes, you’re doing great at daycare, but there are some days that you’d rather have your mommy and even more days where your mommy would rather have you. I feel extremely guilty for leaving you each morning and going to a class full of children that half the time would rather be anywhere, but the classroom. I don’t blame the kids, but the families are a whole different story. Most of these kids do not have support from their parents OR they let their children run the house and tell them what to do, which makes my job extremely difficult.
I love you to pieces Emery and that’s why dad and I decided that this may not be my niche. I went into teaching thinking I would make a big difference, but I’m not sure all the time away from my family is making that difference. It’s very disheartening. This is a job that you can’t necessarily leave at the door. There are a lot of nights that I come home with a heavy heart, but you and your daddy lift me up as soon as I see your face.
You have started to be very snugly. Every time I pick you up from daycare you run to me with your hands in the air and lay your head on my shoulder. Sometimes you even pat me on the back. I am so in love with you.
You are really working on your words and have a couple favorite words that you throw around daily: NO, nine, “melmo”- Elmo, Momma, Daddy, TRACTOR! This one you say over and over when we’re in the car and you see anything on wheels. ๐Ÿ™‚
You are the silliest little guy I know and everyone that comes in contact with you loves you. When we go out to dinner you wave at everyone and tell them Hi. When people stand up to leave you tell them bye.
I love you to the moon and back.
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17 Months

Dear Emery Jack,

It has been a crazy month obviously since we’re 11 days into October, and I’m just getting around to 17 months! You are such a handsome, smart little man! I know I say it every month, but you really change so much every single day.
I picked you up at daycare a few days ago and you immediately ran to me, put your hands up for me to pick you up, and kissed me. Then, you blew a kiss to all of the girls in your classroom and pointed to the door, as if to say, “Let’s get out of here mom. I have places to be!”
We have been spending countless nights looking at your baby board books working on animal sounds. You are getting SO good at them!
You know:
Cat- “NooW
Cow-“muuu muu
Lion, Tigers, and Bears- “Graaaaarr
Owls- “ooo oooo
Baby Chicks- “cheep cheeep
Monkey- “ahh ahh ahh
Aunt Stori– “ahh ahh ahh
I love you to the moon and back Emery.
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16 Months

Dear Emery Jack,

I have officially started my new job at Ash Grove teaching third grade. I have to say that as much as I was ready to have a job and get out of the house a little, I miss you so terribly much. Some days I have breakdowns and daddy has to reassure me that I’m doing the right thing. I know that we both needed this, and you absolutely LOVE your daycare, but some days I wonder why I’m taking time away from my own baby to stay with 18 other kids. I know the answer to this question, It’s because some of these kids get all the attention and love from school not from home. As sad as it is Emery Jack, not all parents take care of, or love their children as much as your dad and I love you. You are such a lucky boy! We are very lucky parents.
This month has been full of changes! You started daycare full-time and so far we’ve been doing great with that. I started work this month and then a week after I went to work it was your dad’s turn. We have settled, for the most part, into our new schedules.
You are really working hard on saying words and some new words that popped out this month were: Meow which sounds like Noooowwww, Hi which sounds like Hiiieeeeee and you put anything you can to your ear and talk into it like a cell phone, E is what you call all of your foam letters for the bath, You have really been saying daddy lately and it sounds like daDEE.
You are also quite the imitator. We have a dvd in our cabinet at home and you always look for the Wild Kingdom DVD with the Cheetah and Gorilla on the front, then you point to the cheetah and growl and point to the gorilla and bounce up and down doing monkey noises. You are such a silly boy.
You have started teething again and earlier this month you finally got your 6th tooth so you’re even again. You have 4 on top and 2 on bottom, but you’re getting 2 more right now and you have been a cranky boy lately.
Your Aunt Stori got you a tractor that is a power wheel and you push a button on the steering wheel to make it go, you LOVE IT! You’ve just started to get into riding on things and this tractor blows bubbles while you drive, which is something else that you’re very much into right now.
Last month we got you some fish because we took back the puppies we thought we needed and apparently giving back the dogs was a good decision because we’ve successfully killed all of your fish. ๐Ÿ™ We bought 4 more fish and 4 days later we have 1 fish, 1 snail, 1 shrimp and a sucker fish. At least dad and I have managed to keep you up and going. ๐Ÿ™‚
Emery Jack every day we love you so much more than the last. I cannot wait to see what then next year brings us!
We love you to the MOOOON and back!
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15 Months Old!

Dear Emery Jack,

You have hit a milestone, 15 months old today that is CRAZY! I know I say this with every month’s post, but you really are growing at a crazy speed. Next Wednesday we will be going for your 15 month check up at the doctor and seeing how much you’ve grown, I’m sure it’s a lot. You somewhere within the last few weeks have transformed from a sweet little baby to a very independent toddler.

You are obsessed with your shoes, I think because you know that when you have them on you get to go places, so you bring them to me at least 5 times a day to wear them. I tease with you and put them on my toes and you point to them and start talking. “Mom, cut the crap these are my shoes and I’d appreciate it if you’d put them where they belong so we can get on with our day.”

You’ve discovered that peek-a-boo is a game that can be played endlessly and still be as surprising as the first time. “Oh, you’re still behind your hands? Mom, you are a riot!”

This month your dad and I lost our minds and went crazy for less than 24 hours when we decided to get you not one, but two puppies! It was exciting at first, but later when we were trying to keep an eye on 3 toddlers we decided that we were not ready for this crazy change and took your “sisters” back that very next morning, as early as we could. That mistake won’t be made again for a very long time.

Instead, we decided to get you a fish tank and it has been so much fun watching you walk up to the fish tank and wave at the fish that we’ve named Thomas, Kipper, Nina, and Star- All the names of your favorite cartoon characters. ๐Ÿ™‚ These fish don’t cry at night or potty on the floor, so I’d say they were a good investment.

This month also marked the first night EVER that you were away from your Mommy. For your Great-Grandpa’s 70th Birthday your dad and I flew to Sedona, Arizona for three days and were away from you from Thursday morning to Sunday morning. I was SO sad the entire time we were away from you. And the night before we left I had a small anxiety attack for having to leave you for so long. I wanted to you to understand that we didn’t leave for good and was so worried that you wouldn’t take it very well. You did fabulous though! You stayed with your Aunt Stori and Cousin’s Maggie and Macee. You had so much fun swimming and going to garage sales and probably eating things that I normally wouldn’t allow…. that you weren’t worried that mom and dad haven’t been around for 3 days. You were very glad to see us that Sunday morning that we came back, and I cannot even begin to tell you how happy we were to see you! The trip was good for dad and I, but we would have preferred that you be there with us.

That week I told you that you couldn’t mess with the bookshelf at our house, and you replied with a “NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!” while you were pointing at me and shaking your finger. I tried really hard not to laugh, but it was so funny. Miss Sharon at daycare also said that she could tell you had spent the weekend with older kids, because you were being very assertive. Oy! The terrible two’s are right around the corner.

That very next weekend you went to Butler with your dad to see your Great Grandma who had just been let out of the hospital after a surgery, and I stayed home to have a yard sale that we had been planning for quite awhile. Dad came home early on Saturday and you got to stay an extra night with your Grandma and Grandpa Jennings because they really wanted to have you for one night by themselves. You had a great time.

I cannot believe that we’re already in the sleep over stages. You are growing too fast Emery and I need you to slow down just a little bit ๐Ÿ™‚

I love you to the MOON and Back!



(You were so happy to have us home. You fell asleep on my lap, and later watched daddy play angry birds. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

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14 Months

Dear Emery Jack,

Today you are 14 months old! Every month gets faster and faster and I want to hold on to every little memory! Every time you point to something with your chubby little fingers, every time you’re doing something you’re not supposed to (like taking our books out of the bookshelf) and then you look over at me and grin because you know I cannot resist your smile, and every time you see or hear something that tickles you and you start to laugh. I love these moments and will cherish every single one.

This month you’re really started to point to things and I love to watch you try and talk to me and tell me what you want as you’re pointing at it. Tonight you kept pointing to my cell phone, or my iced tea and were pleading with the crazy little sounds that come out of your mouth.

You’ve also started to get a real temper. If we aren’t going where you’re wanting us to go you have little melt downs or if you’re trying to tell us something and we’re not giving into your demands you throw your arms around and shake your head NO. I never realized the terrible 2’s began so EARLY! ๐Ÿ™‚ You really are a pleasant boy most of the time, but we can’t be pleasant all the time, what fun would that be?

This week we caught our first cold from the daycare kids, all three of us! It started with you and a little cough and then the cough turned into sneezing, fevers, and snot rockets. No really, I have never seen snot fly so far and then your first reaction is to smear it all over your face. It really doesn’t bother me like I thought it would. I just grab it and wipe it on my pants. Welcome to Motherhood, Char-Marie ๐Ÿ™‚

We took you to the Doctor’s on Monday and by Wednesday both your dad and I woke up with a horrible sore throat. We’ve all been walking around with tissue boxes, vicks vapor rub, and tylenol. Now instead of chasing you around with kleenex or baby wipes, you just lean into the tissues. I think you’re sick of this cold too. You missed all this week at daycare ๐Ÿ™

We have been keeping up on our nightly walk, however, we’ve only missed 2 days this week. You seem to perk up when it’s time to go outside and run for the door as soon as your shoes are on your feet.

I am so blessed to be your mommy Emery Jack, and I love you to the moon and back.



(P.s The picture is from tonight’s wagon ride. I’m getting better at getting this done on time!)

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Things are going Way to quickly these days!

Dear Emery,

On our way to your first day of daycare!
You thought you needed your mommy ๐Ÿ™‚

Today was your second day at daycare and things are going really well! I’m so excited for you to meet new friends, you seem to get along well with the other kids (all girls) already. Yesterday when I dropped you off for the first time on your own I was a little sad, but you eased my mind when you just walked into the classroom like you’d been there forever. I feel like your dad and I have done our job because you seemed so confident and well adjusted. Lots of people ask me if I was sad that you didn’t cry and reach for me when I left and I honestly can say that I’m so happy that this has turned out to be such an easy transition for you.

Sitting in your school table eating breakfast.ย 

I called a few hours into your first day yesterday and the teacher said you were doing really well and the only time you got mad at her was when she told you not to eat rocks. ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s my boy! When I picked you up you had a handful of them playing outside with the other kids. As soon as you saw me you dropped the rocks and ran to me with your arms up and jabbered all about your day, or at least that’s what I think you were talking about with me. That made me feel really good! I missed you all day long and was just as excited, if not MORE excited to see you! It’s an adjustment for all of us.
The only problem that you had on the first day was at nap time and that was because the teacher said you weren’t crazy about the idea of being in your pack n’ play when there were so many things you needed to do in the room, like drag out all the toys. I can’t say that I blame you. I’ve dropped the ball a little with nap time at our house because you are such a pleasant boy (most of the time) so I let you continue playing when you’re being good. That being said, it’s time to get you back on a nap schedule so we don’t drive the teachers nuts! You did do so much better today at nap time though so maybe we’re on to something!
I am SO PROUD of you Emery Jack and I love you to the MOON and back!
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