Pregnancy thus far…35/35

Today marks the 35th week of pregnancy, which also means on paper I have 35 days left as well. We all know that is a fluke and Cecilia could make her debut whenever she feels like it. There have been several things different about this pregnancy than there were with my pregnancy with Emery.

  1. When I was pregnant with Emery I was sick for 3 months straight (morning, noon, and night). With this pregnancy, however, it wasn’t nearly as tough on me. I was still sick, but I had some medicine that seemed to help out a bit. 
  2. Last time I didn’t have a toddler to chase after all day long. After work I could just come home and put my feet up. Not so with this pregnancy, although I love it.
  3. My body has been MUCH more achy this pregnancy. I feel like an old lady and the pressure is HORRIBLE. 
  4. I feel much bigger this time around than I did with Emery (pretty sure it has something to do with all the biscuit and gravy cravings from McDonald’s…)
  5. My skin early on and even in the second trimester has been a lot worse this time. With Emery my skin was flawless…. Cecilia has taken that away from me this pregnancy. It’s much better now that we’re in the 3rd trimester though. 

I’m feeling much more prepared this go around knowing what to expect. It also helps to have our own place and not to be moving half-way across the country after this baby is born. *Sigh of relief.

Colby just accepted a new job within the Art Department right where he wants to be. I’m extremely happy for him and for our family because that means that we’ll get to stick around for quite awhile here with our families. It also means HOUSE HUNTING!

We’ve both been so excited looking online for a house, but its so scary at the same time!

Things are falling into place. 🙂

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