And the school year comes to an end…

Sometimes we’re meant to reach certain people in our lives. I feel that I’ve accomplished that task with a few of my students and even if it’s only a small few it is very worth the effort. Friday was my last day of school with my kids and it was a very sad day for me. It turned out to be a sad day for all of us. From the moment the kids strolled in on Friday morning one of my girls burst into tears… I had been crying the night before and early that morning. It was a feeling of pride/sadness my chest felt like it had been put in a vice grip.

By the end of the day we were all crying, boys included. I will miss this group of kids SO much. They’ve definitely left their mark on me, I can only hope they’ll look back on fifth grade and remember me. They’re writing me through e-mail right now, but they have my new Washington address on stationary that I got for them so they can send me snail mail. I still have a teacher from 3rd grade that I write back and forth with. She’s partly responsible for my career path.

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