My name would be socz…

I was watching a show tonight on television that was about “gangsters” (I love those kind of shows), and they were listing all the names of the “gangsters”. A funny image popped into my head of all the guys sitting around in their makeshift forts discussing what they wanted to be called.


” So I was thinking maybe I should be called wicked, but not wicked with one k, Wickked with 2 k’s. Cause I’m not effin‘ around homes.”

“Nice, I really like that idea Wickked with 2 k’s. I was thinking since my name is Tommy, I should just tack on Gun to the end. I mean it’s pretty simple, everyone would remember it, it looks good in ink, and I can spell it.”

It’s really a funny vision in my head. I just felt the need to share it.

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