Jeepers Creepers-Where’d you get those peepers?

Today was the Halloween party at school. I dressed up as a rag doll. It was a crazy day, complete with puking, peeing, crying, and eating. Yes, all the things that really make a true party. I realized that adult parties, and children parties are a lot alike in many ways.

There’s the drink that everyone is interested in and eventually that leads to some form of bodily fluids strewn about.

The fighting over someones properties such as: a spouse, keys to your car, or a paper plate mask that you worked so hard on until it was ruined by the kid who thinks he’s a dinosaur and your mask ended up being in the “destruction zone.”

The clothing that always ends up missing at the end of the party. Like the shirt you lose because “It’s too effing hot to breathe”- plus you like the way the wind hits you, or the spiderman belt that keeps your pants up… That could go either way.

Yes all in all it was an interesting day.

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