Here We Come A Wassailing…

Friday morning, in the bitter cold, we took the kids Christmas caroling around town. We were a little short staffed so believe me when I say that at the end of this day I had lost 15 years off my life. We began walking toward main street which is not too far from where the school is and already we had kids crying. We went to a few places and the kids did a great job with their songs (Rudolph and Two Front Teeth).

We were winding down our day when we decided to stop one last time at one of the banks. This particular bank had escalators you had to go up in order to be inside the actual bank. A lot of these children had never ridden, let alone seen an escalator before. So the first teacher takes a couple of kids up the escalator, the second teacher puts one on the escalator and she started to fall back so she jumped on with her leaving me alone at the bottom of the escalator with the rest of the kids.

I was still herding kids inside off the sidewalk when I look up to see a mass of kids just run at the escalator. This is where the traumatic experiences begin. I see just a mass of arms and legs all going the wrong way. Feet are moving up the escalator before heads were and children were screaming as they reached for me. This made the children at the bottom of the escalator very scared so they burst out into tears. I felt like turning around and running out the door.

Now as I look back my sick sense of humor makes me laugh hysterically at the situation. At the time, however, I felt like pulling out my hair.

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  1. Just one more reason to love Christmas… I mean, getting to come home for Christmas!!!! Three more days! I can’t wait to see you…

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