Bump watch 2009-2010!

So my morning sickness has started to subside. I can actually eat now at night and feel pretty good in the morning. I am, however, battling a sinus infection/chest cold I cannot get over it. I have a humidifier with vicks vapor in our bedroom and I have to tell you it smells like an old folks home in my townhouse. Poor Colby. I have had vicks under my nose and on my chest every night for weeks! My nose is driving me crazy, if I could get away with sticking a kleenex in my nose for the day I WOULD!

But…. other than the chesty cold/cough I’m fantastic. I cannot believe that I have a little person growing in me! That is the most bizarre thing, I walk past the mirror in the bathroom and take a double take. WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN?! I am 2 days from being 13 weeks- when the baby’s ears are developed enough to hear me. You better believe this little baby will be listening to some Bob Marley and I might even throw in some Elvis Presley…. We need to be well rounded. 🙂
I never thought I would reach a point in pregnancy where I felt this great. I cannot even describe to you the way I feel. I’ve always wondered what it would be like and I cannot believe this is my life right now. Complete bliss.

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