Christmas 2009

Well we survived Christmas! We went back home for 2 weeks so family could see the belly bump and had a fabulous time, it never seems long enough, yet it’s exhausting to travel back and forth!

Among the many things planned this time home was a baby shower, which was a lot of fun. We got all kinds of things for our baby boy. I’ll have to post some pictures, he is going to be one handsome little man! Hopefully he’ll be in the 3 months clothes for a while, because that’s his whole wardrobe as of now 🙂
We have picked out a name for him (I think), finally, but we’re not telling which one we’re using. It’s between: Lincoln Cole, and Emery Jack. Input would be nice, I’ve been trying to think of all the nicknames/horrible names that can come from these when he’s in school and haven’t come up with anything too horrible 🙂 I would hate to curse him with something awful!
Tell me what you think!

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