Nearing the end or beginning?

Colby and I have two days before we’re in the hospital being induced. *DEEP BREATH*

It is such a crazy thing to try and wrap my head around the fact that in a few short days this little baby I’ve been carrying around with me for nine months will be in my arms. It’s so scary to think that he will never again be as safe as I can keep him right now. I guess it’s a “mom” thing.
I cannot wait to meet him, see what features of the two of us he’ll have, what his personality will be like, be able to kiss his little face and hands, I cannot wait to be a mom!
This is such a huge change and when people ask me if I’m ready, how am I supposed to answer that? All I know is that I cannot wait to hold him in my arms and tell him that even though life is rough, you’ll always have your mommy and daddy here to love you.
When he’s here I will be posting pictures of baby Emery Jack.

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