6 Months

Dear Emery Jack,

I cannot believe that this Saturday you will be 6 months old! You are growing so fast and even though I’m so excited for all the things to come, I am going to miss my tiny baby. I’ve been going through lots of pictures lately and stumbled upon some videos that we took of you when we brought you home from the hospital, I can’t even believe it’s you. You’re so tiny in the videos and almost always have your eyes closed with the hiccups.
The things you have been doing since last month is amazing. Every morning we wake up we feel like we have a new baby! Your hand coordination has become a lot better. You can find something on the floor now and grab it with success and bring it straight to your mouth. You are very fascinated by your hands and always have them in your mouth. When you get excited or think something is funny your right hand goes straight to the open mouth, I love this.
In the bathtub you like for me to pour water over your hands and you try to catch it, it’s a game we’ve grown to love.
One of the biggest accomplishments you’ve made this month is sleeping in your own room. I have to say I honestly think this was harder on me than it was on you. I would lay in bed crying when you were upset and your daddy kept telling me that it was ok and how I was a good mom, but it was very hard to believe it at that moment. It did get better though and right now you’ve been sleeping in your own bed for almost a month! When you get sleepy you hummm yourself to sleep and your daddy and I love to hear you do this.
You are really getting good at rolling all over the floor and more than once this week I have had to remove you from under your swing because you get stuck. You’ve also started sitting up without having to be held, you still need someone around because you still take the occasional nose dive, but it’s progress!
You’re eating three meals a day in your highchair now and LOVE it! All three of us sit at the table when daddy gets home and have dinner together, something that I’ve really grown to love. You’re a big fan of mac n’ cheese, you can thank me for that.
You attended your first parade on October 9th and went to a pumpkin patch. I was worried that the parade with all the noise would scare you, but you loved it. Maybe you’ll be a band nerd like your mommy? You got to pick our your first pumpkin at the pumpkin patch and I think if you could you would have brought them all home, you get this from your Nana, who bought you your first pumpkin.
I am so proud of you Emery and I cannot wait for what is in store for our family. You are such a lucky little guy, your mommy and daddy love you very very much.
(At the parade with Nana) (Your first pumpkin)

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