Thanksgiving 2013

This year we spent the day of Thanksgiving with my side of the family. We went to my mom and dad’s on Thursday and had an amazing meal followed by sitting around wondering why we’ve all gained weight. Emery was so excited for pumpkin pie and for weeks prior has been talking about it nonstop. He even got to make a pumpkin pie after dinner with his Great Grandma Giddy.

After Thanksgiving dinner, I’m sad to admit, I was conned into going Black Friday Black Thursday? shopping. The kids went home with Colby and I was in the trenches with Stori, Mom, and Aunt Doo. We had a lot of fun, but people are really serious about their $1 movies! I walked away with a couple of baby toys for Cecilia and some pajamas for Emery. Earlier that morning I had finished all of my Christmas shopping from the comforts of my couch so I wasn’t really in the market for anything.

Friday I cleaned all day like a mad woman almost in a manic state (Window trim, door trim, and base boards painted) I also cleaned every room in the house and put up the Christmas tree. ¬†Emery helped while Ceciila snoozed away in her room, when it was time for her to be up she was mesmerized by the bright lights of the tree. She’s been rolling around all morning pulling off ornaments and trying to eat them. We made sure to only put the jingle bells at the bottom of the tree, we learned the hard way with Emery.

On Saturday we all headed down to Branson to be with the Jennings’ crew at Big Cedar Lodge where we had family photos taken and rode a sleigh ride to see all the lights. We went to Silver Dollar City as well and Emery rode his first roller coaster ever with Colby. It was a wonderful end to a wonderful Thanksgiving break.

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