7 Months

Dear Emery Jack,

It has taken me a bit to be able to sit down and write out your seven month letter because of the holidays, and now that you’re resting quietly in your room I have found time to sit for a moment. I cannot believe the changes you have made is such a short amount of time. It amazes me every day, because I see something new.
Mom and dad went on a date night and you got to stay with your Aunt Stori for the evening. The entire night I kept getting out my phone to text and make sure you were alright, I was worried that you would wake up and notice that Mommy and Daddy were gone and you would be upset. Apparently you don’t need us as much as we need you 🙂 You did fantastic, even though you had your 6 month shots that day *4 shots* Aunt Stori said that when you got tired you just laid your head on her chest and fell asleep. Dad and I just laughed at each other, because we then realized how much you had us wrapped around your chubby little fingers. You never just go to sleep without a fight for us.
On November 13, the day after my birthday, you got up on your knees for the very first time. I remember it very clearly! You were in the bedroom with your dad because I was vacuuming, and you’ve just recently become terrified of the vacuum, and as soon as I was done I heard your dad yelling, “Come here and see this!” You’re still not crawling, but you’re attempting it! You get your knees under you and start to move your legs, but haven’t mastered the movement of the hands yet, so you go flying forward and do a belly flop.
You have also recently been sitting in a high chair at restaurants instead of the carseat, and you’ve been sitting in the front of the shopping cart. You look so tiny riding in the cart, but you just sit there smiling, because you’re becoming a big boy. 😉
You are army crawling all over the floor and you can really get going if something peaks your interest! Your favorite thing right now is the IPad. You love to look at the fish pond and make the water move and makes sounds using your hands. That’s ok with dad and I only you try and buy things, so you need to be watched very closely.
You just had your first Thanksgiving and you spent Thanksgiving day at your Grandma and Grandpa Jennings. You had your first ever table food, Mashed Potatoes. You loved it. We left that night to come home, because you have been battling a cold that turns your sweet little disposition, sour.
On Saturday we celebrated Thanksgiving at your Nana and Papa Cochrane’s house. We played Wii Fit, and Zumba danced. You got to see your Grandpa Rex recovering from his second knee replacement and you made his day by smiling.
We put up your very first Christmas Tree and it was a chore! It’s 9ft. tall and we had to stand on chairs to put up the ornaments. You seem to love it though because it’s the first thing you army crawl to in the mornings. You even pull off certain ornaments every time. A red and blue jingle bell. I’m pretty sure you’re in the holiday spirit. I cannot wait to put packages under the tree.
All my love,

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