I’m always behind, but I’m getting used to it.

Dear Cecilia,

You are already 6 months old! Half. A. Year. How in the world did this happen so fast? I am now a 30 year old mother to two beautiful children ages 3.5 years and 6 months. I can officially say things like, “Can you watch the kids?” Kids, plural and “How the fuck am I supposed to shop by myself with two kids that need to sit in the cart?” It’s the little things that you fail to think of when you have more than one child, but you’d be surprised the places you can stick a can of formula.

Since I’ve first posted about your birth you’ve changed so much.

New baby.
New baby.

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You have grown into such a sweet baby.

  • You sleep through the night and have since you’ve been a couple of months old.
  • You laughed at 5 weeks old. Your daddy is so funny.
  • You have the sweetest crooked grin, just like your dad.
  • You think your brother is the bee’s knees. He can make you laugh quicker than anyone else.
  • You can roll from front to back and back to front. All over the house.
  • You’ve slept in your room since you were 4 months old.
  • You love to have your hands rubbed.
  • Just recently you’ve learned to click your tongue and I wake up to you doing that in your room.
  • You’re working on sitting all by yourself, you get excited though and throw yourself backwards.
  • You are babbling nonstop now and Emery is convinced your first word was “Bubba”. That’s what we call him.
  • You are a very independent girl and I’m convinced we’re going to have our hands full.

You have made our lives so complete, Cecilia. We are so happy we decided that we wanted one more baby. Your brother is so in love with you and we feel the same way. When you were 3 months old we moved into our very first home and at 30 years old I can say that I am the most happy I have ever been.



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