8 Months, a little late…

Dear Emery Jack,

As you can tell I am writing this month a little late, because once again your 8 month birthday landed on another holiday. We are playing catch up and have just begun to get you back on a normal (for us) sleep schedule.
You are becoming such a big boy and we are really starting to see that little personality shining through. You are such a silly boy, you love to play and laugh with and AT us. We would do anything in the world to make you laugh and don’t mind that we look like complete idiots.
The holidays went well. We spend the 23rd with your Nana, Papa, and Giddy Cochrane. It was so nice to see all three babies together for Christmas. You weren’t sure what to do with all the packages being thrown your direction since for the past month we had been telling you “NO” anytime you got near them. We helped you open your gifts, and it was no surprise that you were more into the wrapping paper and how it tasted, than the actual gifts themselves. You ended up with one of Macee’s Christmas gifts because when she opened it up it scared her to death and she hurled it across the room, it turns out that Rex from Toy Story 3 isn’t Macee’s cup of tea. You, on the other hand, LOVE him and smile every time you hear him roar.
Christmas Eve was spent at home watching The Godfather, ask your dad, and I may have thrown in How the Grinch Stole Christmas. The old version, because it’s the best.
Christmas Morning you opened your gifts under our Christmas tree and your Dad and I laughed because what kid wouldn’t love opening clothes, shoes, socks, and books? Your grandparents had got you so many toys that we thought we would take the practical route this Christmas. *However we cannot wait for next Christmas when we definitely will have fun things under the tree for you.
After we opened your gifts we loaded you up so we could celebrate with your Nana Cookie, Papaw, and Uncle Jake. We also got to see the Jennings’ from Texas and Uncle Matt, and Uncle Daron. You got LOADS of stuff to bring home and play play play all night long.
You have just started babbling and this should probably be on your next letter, but I’m so excited about it I have to add it in. We hear Dada, baba, yaya…and you’ve even made attempts at the “Mmama” sound 🙂 I know right now you’re just trying these on for size, but I cannot wait until you know who you’re talking to. It melts my heart to see how big you’ve gotten.
And I cannot believe that you’ve almost been out as long as you were in.
I love you as big as the WORLD, and twice n’ twice as much.

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