9 Months.

Dear Emery Jack,

You’re beginning to see a pattern by now, I’m never on time with these blog posts, but that’s because I’m always trying to be on time with all the other tasks at hand. I cannot BELIEVE that you have now been out longer than you were in! Huge milestones. I dreamed of what it would be like when you reached this age and were able to interact with us, but never thought it would be as amazing as it is.
We love you more every single day!! You’ve started waving which is the sweetest thing ever. It happened at Wal-Mart with the customers, even though we had been trying and trying for weeks to get you to move that chubby little arm. 🙂
You have definitely become Mr. Independent, and throw fits if you do not get to feed yourself. I’m worried though, because you do not get much into your mouth, it’s normally all down the walls or all over the floor. Yesterday you shoved oatmeal up your nose then it shot out like an oatmeal rocket when you sneezed. You’ve also attempted to give kisses and it’s a sloppy, drooly mess, but we LOVE them.
Instead of getting scared when daddy comes around the corner playing with you, you chase daddy. You are such a silly little guy. At night when it’s close to bedtime you are the goofiest little guy and throw your arms up and fall backwards onto your back. We think you might need a helmet if this continues on, It doesn’t seem to bother you though. 🙂
You are finally able to have “graduates” baby food like corn snacks and cookies and it makes me a little sad, where is my tiny baby?
Right now daddy is making you lunch and asking you what you might want, you have such a wonderful daddy. He has been able to be home with us for two days, SNOWED IN! You’ve made it through your first REAL snow storm, the “Storm of the Century” is what they’re calling it. We’ve had so much snow, and every morning, first thing, we go to the window to see the Winter Wonderland, and you sneeze because it’s so bright. I love you.

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