Schools about to begin, and i’m just not ready for it. Usually I have all of my books gathered and spread out nice and neat on my bed with all of my stuff like pencils…Everyone needs pencils. I, however, have not bought any of the things that you need for school. No books. No paper, no pencils. I’m not looking forward to my classes and I’m not finished with my “vacation” yet.

Sleeping in really gets to me when I get to do it for an extended period of time. I LOVE to sleep. Colby was talking about sleep yesterday and was saying how we spend half of our lives lying on our backs….*I prefer my side, but ehh. Anyways, he was really philosophical about it all. He had been drinking a little, and it was around 1:15ish but he really seemed upset about it all. I still love to sleep–very peaceful–I’m sleepy right now.

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