Mmmmm Diets

Colb and I are going balls to the wall and we’re starting a diet tomorrow! Except tonight we’re going to PIG OUT! We’re going to J Parrino’s an Italian restaurant here in the city. I’m stoked, and i’m starving. Colb’s in the bathroom primping while i’m sitting in my jeans and tank top that I put on this morning bright and early.

We just got back in town, we’ve been in Kansas City this weekend hangin out with his family. We had a great time and I probably gained 12 pounds during that great time. 😉 I love home cooked meals! I wish I could have home cooked meals all the time, but since I live out of my car and haven’t mastered cooking off the radiator yet I have to do the drive-thru thing….

Anyways, we’ve started a weight loss program at work and we have to weigh in at the beginning of every week. I’ve decided since i’ve weighed in this past Saturday that I can eat what I want tonight and then be a very dedicated dieter tomorrow. Lets hope this works out.

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