Seafood Cakes and Wine Mustaches

So Colby and I came back from our binge eating bonanza! It was great. I had Honey Rosemary Chicken with pasta in a nice red wine marinara sauce, and Colbin had Manicotti with a white wine based white sauce, and a red wine based marinara sauce with chicken. It was a cute little restaurant. Colby had red wine…blah I only like the wine where its sooo soo sweet. First sip and hello i’m drunk. Colby loves to drink the nice pinot noir and such, the kind that burns your insides on the way down.

Moscato Allegro…now thats a good wine-definitely try it with chocolate its FANTASTIC! You can’t buy it at your wal-mart discount stores, you’ll have to go to the international wine center—its fairly inexpensive..

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