I wanna know…Have you ever seeen the rain..

Well I successfully completed my first two days at school and let me tell ya, its everything I remember it being… Weather is freezing, Backpack is breaking my back, My shoe rubbed a blister on my heel, and I fell asleep in my reading class! I love it, I love it, I love it!

So I go into my 3rd class of the day–a General Education Program that you are required to take before you graduate. The teacher walks in, in a frumpy black shirt, and black skirt, and black tights, and black shoes….Glasses…The whole nine yards. I’m thinkin great, I’ve got one of ‘Those‘ teachers. You know the ones where they’re frowning the whole time and they’re pissed that they had to even come into a classroom because they’d rather be at home with their 15 cats watching reruns of “Dark Shadows”(old vampire series). I’m already dreading the class, and i’m not even sure what this class is about. I take out my Ipod and start flippin through songs, when I hear Credence Clearwater Revival start blaring…I look up and frump had turned on the music. I look around and hear someone saying, “The class cant be too bad if she’s starting off with CCR.” I agree. The music was used to get us into that 60’s feel when the Vietnam war was going on.

Turns out i’m taking combat memoirs I’m freakin stoked. I love to talk about the wars, my father served two tours of Vietnam with the army. He was a drill sergeant and military police. I’m so freakin proud of my dad, and my uncle daddy-(his twin) they both served. For my final project in the class i’m interviewing them so they can go on the record with their experiences. The final draft will be sent to the Library of Congress so that my great great grandchildren can check it out and see how fantastic these men are, and why they should be so proud to be alive and living in the United States of America. So many of these stories go unmentioned and no one really knows what went on the effects of war still linger on my father, and they’re feelings and visions that will never leave him.

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  1. Hi Char-marie,to answer your question Yes I have seen the rain. I have been to the rainbows end and found the pot of gold. BU**SH*T. I feel like my freakin A has been rained on for years. HA HA. First of all I can’t believe you Know about Dark shadows and CCR, you are way to young. They are both great. Hi my name is Mr Skip. Hey Baby ever been to Martha’s? Anyway I wanted to say that I enjoyed reading your stuff and can’t wait for the next entry. I had an older brother that went to Vietnam, I am so glad that your Dad came home I am very thankful to him for what he did for this country.My brother was not as lucky, He died over there. I remeber the day they came to our house to tell us that he was hit by a gernade.I was about 4 or 5 and some nights it still haunts me. Oh well, on a brighter note, I am very proud of you, You must have had some very good people guiding you through your life. Like maybe there was your first Boss that took you under his wing and gave you lots of great advice or maybe you learned a lesson on how to treat other people by watching a hateful, awful bitch of a waitress/boss who was wicked to all the kingdom in which she tried to rule over, Yes I know that good finally won in the end and the good boss and the princess and all the little knaves lived happily ever after.WHAT THE HECK AM I SAYING, I like to Ramble but dear YOU know what I’m talking about. Till next time, Keep your feet on the ground and stay away from gay bars. Love Skip.

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