Rant #327,508


After being away from the *fun blogging* for a bit, I thought I would talk about all of the things that have happened to me in the past couple of weeks.

Rant #327,508

Why on earth do the male species think that they have to hoot and holler to get a girl to like them? Here’s why I am pissed about this: I’m at wal-mart the other day buying ‘girly necessities’ and i’m tired, i’ve been working all night long and all I really want to do is get out of there. I take my purchases and i’m headed out the door. As I get out into the “lobby”-where all the carts are parked- I see this man and woman walking into wal-mart. I keep walking and then all of a sudden the man turns around and yells and I quote, “WOOOOoooo I’d like to get a piece of that shit!” (I was mortified…everything in the lobby echoes and all eyes were on me.)

Excuse me…What? Now honestly, do you really think that verbally molesting me is going to get me to turn around and say, ” Alright then have at it!” No. I really wanted to knock him out with the box of tampons I was carrying and give him the following pieces of advice:

  1. You’re wearing a truckers hat, because you’re a trucker sir. Do not yell obscene things at me. (I love truckers, my father happens to be one. I just don’t like being yelled at and disrespected by one.)
  2. You have on velcro shoes. Not that there’s anything wrong with velcro shoes, but again you want a piece of this S*&%!
  3. You’re missing teeth, and are wearing glasses that are taped on one side. Again this isn’t helping your “game”.
  4. Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?
  5. And finally don’t talk with your mouth open.

I really don’t understand the logic of catcalls… It pisses me off and i’m liable to go off the handle.

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  1. Hello there girlie… So I finally got around and read your blog. Sorry it took so long, I’m just so busy and all. 🙂 Anyhow, I think the blog to Uncle Daddy is terrific and if he were listening to the thoughts in your head as you were writing that entry I am sure it brought tears to his eyes just as it did mine. He is better off now and someday you will meet him in heaven and he will tell you just how proud he is to have been your uncle down here in such a crazy and hectic place. Anyhow, I need to go, but just a quick reminder first: YOU ARE A WONDERFUL FRIEND AND I WILL BE FOREVER THANKFUL THAT YOU AND I KNOW EACH OTHER AND HAVE GOTTEN THE OPPORTUNITY TO GROW TOGETHER OVER THE PAST COUPLE YEARS. I LOVE YOU CHAR-MARIE… we are sisters in spirit at its best.
    Hugs, Hollie

  2. So– remind me again, dear sir, why you would want a piece of “that shit?” OH BABY. You know how to turn a lady on… Char, I don’t know how you didn’t drop your box of tampons and jump him right there. Then again, you can restrain yourself better than I can.

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