Yeah, Kindergarteners look cute, but never turn your back or…..

I’m currently working with a classroom of kindergarteners on their reading. This is something I have to do because of my Elementary Education major, but I enjoy doing this… Well…. I was sitting in one of those “Little People” Chairs when I see this little kid walking around with a baton in his hands. It looked odd, but I didn’t really think all that much about it, kindergarteners always twirl batons, don’t they? Anyways, all of a sudden I feel this sharp pain in my back… The little jerk hit me! He freaking nailed me in the back with that damn baton! I turned around to look at the little ass-wipe who hit me, and he looks at me with a big smile while he was walking away saying, “soooorrrry”, what it actually translated into was “I’ll be seeing you next Thursday….You better watch your back…beeeooootch!”

Honestly now, I’m not sure i’ll make it out alive! I’m kinda scared. I might need a restraining order.

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  1. Oh Charmin,
    You know all these babies love you.. Maybe not as much as Dad and I though… I can just see this in my mind how funny.. I needed that.. Love you sweet pea..

  2. Dear sweet Char,You need to bring out that inner BITCH that we all know and love. In order to deal with these dirt eating demons from HELL you have to create a “LOOK”. You know what I’m talking about,You being a kid from mazzios knows what mine is. It’s a look that says “Hey kid you do that one more time and I’ll Shove that batton so far down your throat that you’ll shit metal for a week”. Use your eyes,and make this LOOK all your own, one they have never seen before, one that will strike fear in their cold little hearts. Hey practice on Colby, when he craps his pants,YOU HAVE A WINNER. Love Ya Babe.Your GODFATHER

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