My little sister’s birthday was on February 11th. She’s 19 now! I feel very very old! She’s getting married soon and going to be having a baby. Time passes way too quickly! For her birthday my parents took all of us *me, Stori, Kyle, Colby* out to eat dinner at the Golden Corral, or the GC as Colby likes to call it, just so happened that it was Steak night. It was sooo good!

My little sister is VERY picky when it comes to eating everything has to be so-so nothing touching …blah blah blah. Well my dad had got some steak and my sister asked him how he likes his steak-he told her medium. *I prefer well-done* As soon as he tells her this she jumps up and hurls her pregnant body towards the man cutting the steak. He tells her 4 minutes and we’ll have some out here. She waits and then goes back 4 minutes later, asks her how she wants it-“medium,” she says. He hands her her steak and she comes back to the table.

IT WAS STILL MOOING! The poor thing cried every time she started to cut into it! EHHHH! I looked at it and almost lost the cheesy potato casserole I was enjoying. She looked at it and all of the bloody juices around it and said, “Dad is this safe?” his reply was, “well….” So she took a big bite and I gagged….Then she got another piece and started dipping it into the juice and then eating it. I’m sorry, but if being pregnant makes you crave partially dead animals then i’m definitely adopting! Her new name is “Roadkill”—Although I don’t think roadkill would be fresh enough for her new found craving for blood.

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