First choice: Bulgaria.

Oh man, over the past few days I’ve really been thinking about how exciting it will be to actually start REAL life. Right now I just feel like i’m playing and not really doing anything special, even though i’m in school more than I sleep. So I was day-dreaming in class today about being in a foreign country and how I would dress, and what my hair might look like. I MIGHT ACTUALLY GET A TAN!!! * I know this isn’t a reason why i’m going, just an added bonus* I can only imagine the different customs that our country has for instance:

Bulgaria is known for fire dancing! Dancing barefoot on hot coals… *My feet are very sensitive, walking on sand makes me wince so…probably not up for that. However, I won’t say that it couldn’t happen, it very well could.

Above is a picture of a street (small town) Bulgaria. I’m sure this wouldn’t be our nice bungalow, but isn’t it gorgeous.

I hear the food over there isn’t half bad either! We’ll see. I’m going to write about each country we’re interested in to help to compare them.

Here’s the stats on Bulgaria:

Size: About the size of Tennessee
Population: 7.4 million
Language: Bulgarian, and Turkish
Capital: Sofia
Climate: temperate with cold damp winters, and hot dry summers.
Borders: Greece, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Turkey
Politics: A parliamentary Democracy
Religion: Bulgarian Orthodox (86%)

Fun Facts:

  1. Bulgaria has fought in both world wars on the losing side
  2. Has a place called the valley of roses where hundreds of thousands of roses are in bloom in May. Roses are said to be Bulgaria’s gold.
  3. 2.8 million land lines, and 2.6 million cell the population of 7.4 million
  4. Only 630,000 internet users
  5. Favorite dessert is pancakes. *MMMmmmm
  6. Said to be the home of Yogurt.
  7. It’s 11:00pm here, and 8:00am in Bulgaria.

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  1. Hey Char…Long time 🙂
    Just a tip about Bulguria..the tradtional Bulgurian cooking takes a little getting used to. The salads are FABALOUS but the rest of it can be..intresting. I know alot of my friends had no problem with it, but I got rather ill the last day there. But they do have AMAZINGLY cheap (and fashionable!) shoes and purses!! I’ll be in England next year, so if you and Colby need a place to crash, drop me a line!
    Sarah French

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