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Well, Gene has left. He was a riot! We had so much fun, and I’ll tell you I’ve never laughed so hard in my life. He calls me his sister, and he’s so excited about what’s ahead (as far as family life goes.) My parents took him to the wild life zooquarium at bass pro in Springfield. My mom came back with the funniest stories, at one point in time he saw a jack rabbit and yelled really loud, ” HEY DAD, Look at that Jack-ass Rabbit!” My parents cracked up, I was rolling when they told me about it. He’s such a genuine, sweet person. I’m very proud to call him my big brother-I’ve always wanted one. When I left he gave me a HUGE bear hug and lifted me off the ground, “I’m so glad to call you my sister!” he said.

I’m very proud of my big family….Somehow we find ways to prevail in the darkest of times. We’re resilient. Love you guys!!!

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  1. Thanks you Sister for having me in your life and your family. that was the best gift and wish to have a normal life. You so much fun. It was funny when you Laugh so hard. haha Yeah it sure was funny to day HEY DAD look at that Jack ass Rabbit LOL. I am laughing. Before I see you I gave you big bear hug and lift you up becsue to show you that you have been the greatest sister and Storie too. Both of you and Mom and Dad have giving me a normal life I needed. Looking forward to see you soon smiling…. Thanks for that good story haha.

    Your Biggest Bro. Looking after you and family too.

    Gene B. Cochrane

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