Spring break has officially started. Colby and I went to help out my dad yesterday, we’ve been remodeling and are getting ready to sell a few things. We slept in today until 11! I cannot remember the last time I actually slept in–that late! It was great, then we got up and ordered a pizza, I took a shower and off to the salon I went. I got a french manicure, a massage, and my hair cut and styled. I desperately needed that relaxation. I came home and vacuumed and swiffered. I love to swiffer, it makes me think of the commercials–she looks like she’s having so much fun.

Tomorrow we leave bright and early for Kansas City! I’m stoked. I just hope its not freezing! Ahhh one week off, it’s already going by too quickly.

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  1. Char, you ignorant slut! I love you! You deserved the relaxation, and you need to make sure you enjoy your trip! SPRING BREAK… woo hoo!!!!! Have a blast!!!!!!

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