Who wants cookies?!

Tonight I was going through the cabinets desperately looking for the two boxes of macaroni and cheese I know that I had bought–when I stumbled upon a bag o’cookies peanut butter cookies, you know the kind… you just add some lovin and poof you have cookies. Well…I decided I had to have these so I went to wal-mart to buy some eggs and came back to bake my delicious peanut butter cookies. I poured the cookies into bowl and ohh the smell was so lovely it was so lovely until I noticed the that the expiration date 2003! My first reaction was to cry, my second was to yell for Colby and ask him if we could still make them. He thought we had better go back to the store and get some more, so off we went. Now I know what you’re thinking–Why didn’t she just make them from scratch? –well I asked myself the same question..and then laughed for thinking it because I already have trouble with cookies from the roll, I burnt the piss out of my bicep….I’m sticking with the roll o’cookies.

We came home with a roll of peanut butter, and a roll of chocolate chip. Let me tell you there’s nothing like peanut butter cookies at midnight. Mmmm I even made the criss cross with the fork and sprinkled love on them.

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