That’s Life.

Today I’m totally drained. Life is really catching up with me. I’m running around trying to get everything done. I’ve spent time studying, taking tests, driving back and forth from MSU to an elementary school that i’m working with. Searching for a parking space… Searching for a parking space….Searching for a parking space. I worked with a school nurse for two hours this morning and now i’m supposed to be studying for a test in my combat memoirs class.

I’m ready to take a nap. I’m in a funk and I hate that. Not because of school or the day, just things. Little things that make their way under my skin and even though I hate myself for it, I can’t do anything to make it stop and make that feeling go away. You know how you can be having a perfect day and then poof you see something, or you hear something and it completely drops you and even though you know it shouldn’t … it still does. That’s today.

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