Things are going Way to quickly these days!

Dear Emery,

On our way to your first day of daycare!
You thought you needed your mommy 🙂

Today was your second day at daycare and things are going really well! I’m so excited for you to meet new friends, you seem to get along well with the other kids (all girls) already. Yesterday when I dropped you off for the first time on your own I was a little sad, but you eased my mind when you just walked into the classroom like you’d been there forever. I feel like your dad and I have done our job because you seemed so confident and well adjusted. Lots of people ask me if I was sad that you didn’t cry and reach for me when I left and I honestly can say that I’m so happy that this has turned out to be such an easy transition for you.

Sitting in your school table eating breakfast. 

I called a few hours into your first day yesterday and the teacher said you were doing really well and the only time you got mad at her was when she told you not to eat rocks. 🙂 That’s my boy! When I picked you up you had a handful of them playing outside with the other kids. As soon as you saw me you dropped the rocks and ran to me with your arms up and jabbered all about your day, or at least that’s what I think you were talking about with me. That made me feel really good! I missed you all day long and was just as excited, if not MORE excited to see you! It’s an adjustment for all of us.
The only problem that you had on the first day was at nap time and that was because the teacher said you weren’t crazy about the idea of being in your pack n’ play when there were so many things you needed to do in the room, like drag out all the toys. I can’t say that I blame you. I’ve dropped the ball a little with nap time at our house because you are such a pleasant boy (most of the time) so I let you continue playing when you’re being good. That being said, it’s time to get you back on a nap schedule so we don’t drive the teachers nuts! You did do so much better today at nap time though so maybe we’re on to something!
I am SO PROUD of you Emery Jack and I love you to the MOON and back!

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