It’s a nice day for a WHITE WEDDING!

Alright, after Colb and I had this conversation I felt the need to share my boyfriend’s crazy imagination with you. *Ahem*

Colby told me of this dream he had and it’s very vivid.

Its starts out that I propose to him, which I’ve seriously been considering, and he says, “yes” The wedding is the next day. We are in some place in India and there are little mud huts everywhere. We say I do, and then everyone breaks into song and dance. This is where I chimed in and said, “so our wedding is going to be a musical…Ok, I can handle that.” While everyone is breaking it down in the cobblestone street, Colby notices two tigers stalking a fence line looking at us. He said he seemed to be the only one who was scared. Then all of a sudden some tiger pounced on some woman in the alley way behind us. He told me in, I assume in his best Stephen Seagull action hero voice, “Char-Marie, run-Save yourself!”

While I’m runnin for the hills he is off to a magical castle complete with witches to get a magical dagger to kill the tigers with. It just so happens, however, that another witch is wanting the same *blue icicle dagger* as well. Colby gets it first, but she ends up stabbing him in the gut, but only a little. He, out of nowhere, stabs her with the blue icicle dagger, then pulls out a sword he just so happened to be toting as well, then he stabs her with the knife in his gut. She’s dead. He comes back to save the day with his magical dagger, just to find that his kick ass wife has already taken care of business, and I imagine she didn’t even break a sweat.

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