Ice Cream, and Xbox….Who could ask for more?

Last night, like every Thursday night, I go home to see what’s kickin at the home front. The FAM had been doing a little switching of the rooms, and painting of the walls. We always end up watching survivor on Thursdays, because…Well… That’s just what we do. Then it’s CSI, and Without a Trace. I started falling asleep on the couch after CSI. Everyone had gone to bed, and then I was wide awake. I try to keep myself occupied while I’m hanging out alone, so I listened to the rain and watched the lightning, then I looked at some pictures, and then I thought I’d just give in to sleep. After I washed my face and brushed my teeth, I noticed that my dad was still wide awake watching t.v.

I couldn’t just let him lay there awake to think, so I did what anyone would do. I used his weakness to drag him out of bed- Ice cream! I said, “Are you going to lay there all night, or are we going down to sonic to get some ice cream?” It was 11:00 and he thought they would be closed, but I assured him they’d stay open for us. So he jumped out of bed, you didn’t have to ask him twice. He asked mom if she wanted us to bring her something back, and she was sound asleep. Off we went to Sonic at 11pm to get some ice cream, me in my pajamas, and dad with his breathe right nose strip and slippers. I got a rootbeer float, and dad got a chocolate sundae, complete with a cherry on top. I asked him what he’d like to do now, because the night was still young, he said he had two xbox games he’d been dyin to play.

There you have it, one of the best Thursdays a father and daughter could ever have: Ice cream and video games! We drove race cars while eating ice cream until after midnight, then we slept in until 10am….

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