To Boob, or not to Boob…..

Yesterday while I was minding my own business at work, I stumbled upon a woman breast feeding her child in the middle of everything at Wal-mart. I know I took a double take, because it really caught me off guard I mean it was like: candy, candy, something shiny, box on the floor, small child, boob, sunglasses……BOOB!

I don’t want to offend anyone, but here’s my opinion on it. If you are going to breast feed your child, which I find nothing wrong with, and you have to do this in Wal-mart and refuse to sit in the fitting room *in private* put a blanket over your shoulder to shelter the exposed boob. I myself, could never do that in public, and if there were an emergency, I definitely wouldn’t whip em’ out right there in the open. I happen to consider breast feeding as a pretty intimate thing, and why would you want to be displaying it for everyone to see-IN WAL-MART of all places, but I digress.

The point is, I was shocked to see this in Wal-mart. When telling this to my friend, Fred, she said, ” Well, I would happen to think that Wal-mart would be the place you would expect to see something like that.” I guess I agree, just caught me off guard.

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  1. oh skanky!!! are you serious? i am ALL for breastfeeding, but i don’t want to see softcore porn style boob when I am looking for my macaroni and cheese. I’m just saying.

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