Sometimes I find myself missing my Grandma, and my Uncle in the worst ways. Every now and then I’ll catch myself remembering little phrases they used to say and it stops me in my tracks. They aren’t significant things that changed my life, but little quirky things. When I’m at home I always open my closet before I go to bed and grab my uncles shirts and bury my head in them. It reminds me of him a kind of smoky smell. Sometimes it’s the little things we don’t want to let go of. I remember my Gran’s smile and her laugh most of all. I was walking in wal-mart the other night and passed a night gown on a rack, and it reminded me so much of her–she always had these long cotton night gowns with flowers on them. I caught myself walking by that same night gown again tonight and running my hand across it.

Every time I see my dad it reminds me of my uncle. If I’m feeling this way, I can only imagine what he’s going through. My grandmother’s house used to be so gorgeous. Every year she would plant at least 400 tulips and they were so pretty, the biggest tulips you’ve ever seen. The tulips that she last planted are almost gone, and the ones that did bloom are very small. Sometimes you wonder if her home is grieving too.

I’ve just really had one of those emotional days. Sometimes I just break down, that’s how life goes. The picture was taken 1 day before my Gran died, and 6 months before my Uncle Daddy passed away.

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  1. Char-Marie, you are lucky to have the sweet memories that you do have. your gran and uncle daddy look very happy in that picture, I am sorry i never got to meet them.

    love you, Kyles mom.

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