Summertime and the Livin’ is Easy!

Wheeeew……………I’m SO STUFFED! I made enchiladas tonight! I’m becoming a regular Betty. I’m enjoying cooking, and I think Colby’s enjoying eating my cooking? I’m about to explode in all of my procrastination glory!! I’m ready to be done with school. I’m so looking forward to this summer.

Things I want to accomplish this summer are…Thus far:

  1. Lose 10lbs. I’m working on that currently, but I want to be able to look good and feel better.
  2. Yoga Yoga Yoga. I need to go back to Yoga!
  3. Reading! I have lists of books to read: The Cement Garden, The Virgin’s Lover* I’m already half way through with this one, Finish A Million Little Pieces* Even if he was lying in most of it! The Chronicles of Narnia, The Davinci Code, Wicked…..There are plenty of others. I Also need to look at some books for my Children’s Library. I’d like to start getting some chapter books built up. I have lots of picture books, now I need chapter books. I’d love to have Where the Red Fern Grows, Possibly Boxcar Children, Chronicles of Narnia…etc.
  4. Maybe get some pigment to my skin…?
  5. Buy a fantastic pair of shoes! Running shoes, and kitten heels, Sandals….You name it! Can I really count this as a goal for summer???….. Of course I can, It’s my summer.

This is just a very few small things I’d like to do. I’m so excited summer is just about here!

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