Spontaneity killed the cat…..

Happy Cinco De Mayo! Colb, Corey and I went to Cileto Lindo tonight and had Mexican food mmm…

Then we decided to get Corey’s tattoo, the longer I sat there the longer I wanted to get an industrial piercing. I’ve always wanted one, but it was so expensive because its two piercings. Usually it cost 80 dollars to get it done, at Miller Cotton’s it cost 40. SOLD! I got it done. As I was lying down so I could be skewered the last words he said before he stuck the huge needle through my ear was, “You’re going to bleed like a stuck pig.”

I did. I could feel the blood running down into my ear. Ahh the rush. 😉
I didn’t even flinch…Is this normal?

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  1. Char-Marie,
    Are you alright, It looks like you got in a fight with a nail gun and the gun won!!!!
    Im just kidding, it does look like it hurt. You might as well have fun while you are young,
    Love Ya,
    Mama Jennings

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