Talk About Baggage.

So today I was making out a list of all the things I need to get accomplished for this week to turn in, I didn’t realize that I had SO much to do!! I’m pulling hair out over here! I just have to count to ten and breathe, because if I don’t I’ll probably explode, or maybe I’ll implode…?

I was at work tonight and Hollie and I discovered some luggage that went on clearance. It was a four piece luggage set, and it was priced at 99.96 and it was now priced at 36.00. I couldn’t pass it up, although I’m not going anywhere now, I will go places. I’m bound and determined. I told Colby he could take it with him to Hawaii this summer if only he promised to leave it out on the beach for a few days so when he got back I could sit next to it and smell Hawaii while sunning on his balcony. I’m sure we’ll get some good use out of it.

I must be getting old if luggage excites me…

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