Diet, What diet?

Ah yes, I thought I would make lunch today for Colby and I. I’m actually getting better with the time management thing, and I’m proud of it. It does help when the bag you’re cooking from tells you exactly what time to take your frozen delights out of the oven.

Diet?…..Diet you say, well we fell off the wagon and are rolling down a very steep, very rocky hill right now. Here’s the deal, as soon as I can breathe again from finals being taken care of, I’m going back to the gym. Scouts honor.

I took this picture while I was making lunch, Colby just looked at me and I had a feeling he was wondering what the hell I was doing, so I replied, “Honey, the public have a right to know that we’re sticking to our diet.” He says, “But we’re not.” I reply, “Exactly.” How very sad this is, but it was so GOOD!

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