Fellow Bloggers/Readers,

My blog is in desperate need of a face lift. I’m not up on html…well just a little. I want something Fun, Flirty, Spicy, Girly. I’m so bored with the templates. If anyone is listening and would be so kind to walk me through changing it, or if you get bored you could just work something up. I would be so thankful.

Thank you


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  1. Dear Char baby,
    It’s your long lost buddy Mark, sorry I have not been up to see you lately but I have started back at cel.city in branson. It’s been fun and I got a promotion, My boss is third person down on the totem pole for the whole park and they asked me if I would do her job on her two days off. So I said YES. I will be in charge of all the shops on park 2 days a week. AHH power can’t you just smell it. And oh by the way I’m making my will and you are in it. Now on to YOU. I just got caught up on all your STUFF and here is what your OLD pal thinks (whether you want to hear it or not)1. You should have beat the hell out of the girl that hit your chair. 2. You should sit down and tell your Dad how you feel about how he is feeling, Be very truthful with him, he will love you no matter what.3. since you got new bags, pack the bitches and get the hell out of town at least for one night. 4. ABOUT THE EAR THING. If you wanted to be a shitcabob I could come over and shove a skewer up your butt, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? Just kidding,I think that when you start teaching the kids are going to think that you are that cool teacher that everyone wants to be freinds with. 5. I’m on a diet too. it’s a bitch and I would kill someone for a pepsi, white bread and a big ol bucket of grease. Well I should go, Just know that I still love ya and everything is going to work out. Tell colby I said Hi and Hope to see you guy’s soon. Mr Mark.

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