Cheetos Make the World Go Round

I finally…..FINALLY finished all the things that are due today. I was up until about 3:00 a.m working on my project for my health class. I figured it would take a whopping hour, HA, 5 hours later I’m lying on the floor despising my health class. I am stressed to the MAX! Every teacher has piled something on at the last minute and I’m drowning in papers.

Last night Colby helped me SO much! Have I mentioned that he’s wicked cool? He hates seeing me stressed out, and when I stress out I cry. I was so tired, and on top of everything else… If you looked at me wrong I started to cry. The gluestick broke, I shed a tear. How sad.

All I have now is study study study….I’m down to 3 more classes for finals and I’m OUT!

I’m currently finding comfort in cheetos….Yes, I know they’re not on the “diet”, but they’re on My Diet. Just until finals are over, then I’m putting myself back in check. Until now, cheetos and french onion dip have my love.

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