Truth or Fiction: Men Turn Into Werewolves On A Full Moon?

I need some input on this subject ladies, and gents… Do you think moods change when it’s nearing a full moon? Think back, the thirteenth was a full moon. Did you, or your significant other have mood swings on the 11th – ?? This mood swing doesn’t have to be relationship altering, but enough to notice something wasn’t quite right.

The reason I’m asking is that I have a good friend who tends to have ‘boyfriend issues’ right before the full moon. It may sound silly, but it’s sort of erie. Things tend to happen right before we’re about to have a full moon. You can definitely notice it at wal-mart, customers tend to be on edge, and the slightest thing can throw them off. You always hear that a hospital is in full swing when its a full moon…

In this case my friend’s boyfriend tends to go into this weird funk right before the full moon and it lasts a little afterwards. Now this may be numerous things, but we were just thinking about what it could be and a lady at work said a full moon is out. She finished by saying that her boyfriend or husband was in a funk as well. My friend then noticed that her father, and her brother were in bad moods. We started rolling this thought around and I thought I’d blog about it and see if I could get any comments on what people thought.

Do men, or anyone for that matter, turn into werewolves when there’s a full moon?

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  1. Oh absolutely. I totally notice it, and was just thinking about it today. People, Char, go freaking nuts at Urgent Care around a full moon. Nuts. And I get so moody. I have been hell on wheels, a hyper bitch. I totally notice it around certain times.

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