17 Months

Dear Emery Jack,

It has been a crazy month obviously since we’re 11 days into October, and I’m just getting around to 17 months! You are such a handsome, smart little man! I know I say it every month, but you really change so much every single day.
I picked you up at daycare a few days ago and you immediately ran to me, put your hands up for me to pick you up, and kissed me. Then, you blew a kiss to all of the girls in your classroom and pointed to the door, as if to say, “Let’s get out of here mom. I have places to be!”
We have been spending countless nights looking at your baby board books working on animal sounds. You are getting SO good at them!
You know:
Cat- “NooW
Cow-“muuu muu
Lion, Tigers, and Bears- “Graaaaarr
Owls- “ooo oooo
Baby Chicks- “cheep cheeep
Monkey- “ahh ahh ahh
Aunt Stori– “ahh ahh ahh
I love you to the moon and back Emery.

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