Rockfest 2006…….aka Boob Fest

So this weekend the whole gang went to Rockfest in Kansas City. It was absolutely crazy! We all went up to Kansas City around 1ish and it was blazing hot. There were 15 bands total from noon to 11ish. 36,000 people attended! It was so amazingly packed. We started off by going to see Nonpoint, and then we went back to the blanket we had on the grass and rested for awhile. Then we decided to go see the band Hurt.

Let me give you the events that took place:

  • We went towards the front of the group closer towards the stage in the dead center. Colby and most of the guys were really close to the front, Lindsey and I were told to stay farther back so we wouldn’t get hurt.
  • Sergio, and some other person were standing behind us sort of like body guards.
  • A group of disgusting individuals came up on our right, and wanted to see boobs. We said no, they wanted us to “earn our beads”. They started talking about forming a mosh pit.
  • I started to feel claustrophobic because everyone started filling in around us, and Colby wanted us to come even closer forward so we wouldn’t be in the middle of the mosh pit.
  • We ended up two people away from the gate around the stage, just about as close as you can get. Then the band came on stage.
  • People were being launched in the air and I’m pretty sure two of them came right down on top of me. My industrial piercing was grabbed and I felt like it had been jerked out of my ear, that sent me to the bottom of the crowd.
  • Someone crowd surfing knocked me down and one of Colby’s friends fell on top of me. Jacob didn’t know it was Colby’s friend and noticed someone on me and proceeded to grab him and launch him off of me. Poor Heath.

Needless to say I got hurt watching Hurt.

Then at the end of the night we got to see Staind. It was so great. It had been smoldering hot all day and by this time it started to pour rain, it hailed, there was thunder and lightning. A perfect ending to a crazy day. I’ll leave the steak and shake story for another day….

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