I feel like a horrible mother. I have a little Shih Tzu named Kitty. He’s so sweet, and likes to prance around-hence the name Kitty. He’s been having “issues” with his kidneys and we’ve been taking him to the vet just about every month. He’s been passing a little blood and we were very worried about our baby. We kept thinking something else has to be wrong, because he’d get all of his medicine, but nothing was working. He was taken to the vet one more time because he started to pass a lot of blood and was trying to pee 20 times every time he went outside.

He ended up having bladder stones!! POOR BABY! He had one very big stone that was jagged. The nurse said he was a trooper. I can just imagine him gritting his teeth and cursing in his Spanish Accent that I know he would have. I’m a shitty mom.

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  1. how weird is it that you and Lindsay both had cat-peeing problems at the same time? So sad for the poor kitty… I’m glad he’s better now.

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