Sleepy Towns on Rainy Saturdays

I feel like it is so very hard to sit down at my computer in the summer time. So many things are going on right now and it’s like if I sit down and start typing I’m going to miss something. However, I want to be able to look back on things and remember them.

This weekend Colby and I had a blast we went on a train ride through the Boston mountains. I had bought tickets for the two of us as our Valentine’s gift, but you could only use them from April-October so we went this weekend. We had a great time since neither one of us had ever rode a train before. The conductor, however, could have talked the paint off the walls. I’m sure the reason he kept telling people to put down their windows was because he’d had a few jump. Anyways, we stopped for a layover in Vanburen, Arkansas- a three hour break so we could shop around this sleepy little town. It was raining so Colby and I decided to buy an umbrella. There weren’t any places to buy such a thing, so we went into a thrift store and found three umbrellas. We decided on the rather large umbrella with Michelangelo’s “The Hand of God” painting on it. Halfway out the door with our thrifty little purchase the handle fell off, and the rain stopped.

We also came across a FANTASTIC used bookstore. I bought five or six children’s books: Stewart Little, Anne of Green Gables, James and the Giant Peach, Maniac Magee, The Indian in the Cupboard-book 1 and 2, and The Road to Avonlea.

I love finding fantastic things for fantastic prices!

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