Let’s Get Mauied in Maui….ehh

I’m sitting in my chair with my hair pulled up, my glasses on, in my scrub pants that are oohh so comfortable wearing a KISS shirt…and crying. I’m such a baby. Colby called my from Honolulu a few minutes ago. I miss him so so much! Its only been yesterday….but it’s a depressing feeling knowing that usually at this time I’m snuggled up to him sleeping or watching a movie.

It’s ok though Kitty is sleeping in my lap keeping me company and Hollie promised me a girls night next Wednesday–We’re watching Sex and the City, while eating pizza, and drinking beer … probably. We should think about changing it to cosmopolitans if we’re watching sex and the city. Colby bought me the very last season and I watched it in one day! I LOVE THAT SHOW! Speaking of Sex and the City…Colby and I have a new addition to our family a red beta named Mr. Big. I’ll post pics later. But I digress….

He was on his balcony on the 21st floor talking to me about how gorgeous the mountains look. I’m so excited for him and his family they very much deserve a nice little vacation, it couldn’t happen to better people. I’m so excited for Colby to bring me back the pictures, they’re going to Maui on Sunday. I saw a t.v special on Maui it was absolutely gorgeous, they threw out this little catch phrase like “Get Mauied in Maui!” I thought it was funny, but after the twelfth time they used it I changed the channel.

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