I heart my car.

Tomorrow my sister and I decided we’d have a garage sale….I guess I should call it a Yard Sale, since we really don’t have a garage. I’ve decided to sale anything that isn’t nailed down. I’m just in that cleaning mood….and so is Stori, she’s nesting. Hopefully we really do good with the sale tomorrow because I’ve been eyeing these shoes that I have to have.

We cleaned out my storage shed the other day and holy crap the things I forgot I had. I had tons of stuff…stuff that I really don’t need. I like to save everything and then about three times a year at best, I go into cleaning mode. The next order of business is cleaning out my car because I am always running back and forth to places and I end up looking like I camp out in my back seat. Really I have everything you’d ever need to survive.

Let me compile a list:

  1. I have shelter: For one the car (obviously), but I also have an umbrella actually three, I have 2 jackets, a coat, and some sort of tarp thingy that came with my car…still not sure what that’s used for, I also have blankets…
  2. Food/Beverage: I have a gallon of water, plus a 24 pack of nestle water-with the squeeze top bottle!, I have some mints from the Japanese restaurant that Colby and I frequent, a bag of peanut butter kisses from valentines day….and I’m sure some french fries..and those never go bad, ohh and a tin o’cookies.
  3. And what about Entertainment you ask….?!: My cds, Ipod, and the aforementioned tin of cookies that could substitute for a drum, or a maracas, I have books…lots of books, pamphlets, and papers that I have written long long time ago.

I could live at least three weeks in there. Maybe I shouldn’t clean it out. Oh and I forgot about hygiene…. I have those wet wipes that they give you from restaurants I could splash some of the water on me and there you have it folks…

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