19/20/21 Months.

Dear Emery Jack,

These past few months have been very crazy so lets start from where we left off. The last post I had

written was in November and Here it is almost February, where has the time gone? I suppose this is what happens when you’re older and I used to think it was because
when you get older you began to forget things, but I think what they really mean when they say things like, where has the time gone or time flies is that your life becomes so much more rich and fulfilled that there is almost no time to sit and write about life when you’re out living it.
Thanksgiving has obviously came and went and it was a great time. You spend Thanksgiving day at your Nana and Papa Cochrane’s house fussing with your cousins Maggie and Macee. There seems to be a little decent among the ranks now that you’re a little older and Macee still thinks she’s the baby. You two fight like brother and sister. The following Saturday was
spent at your Nana and Papaw Jennings’ house just like always you demanded your nana’s attention and refused to get out of the kitchen. You are becoming so very head strong.

December was a fun time and a very very sad time. We spent the 23rd in Butler at your Great Grandma and Grandpa Welsh’s house where you got to see all of your 2nd cousins. You and Aerowyn had a screaming match to see who could be the loudest, Aerowyn won hands down. You got a puppy that makes noise that you can walk on a leash that your grandpa went out to wal-mart and bought for you. This is a big deal considering the dog’s leash was pink and purple, just seeing the picture in my mind of your great grandpa walking through Wal-mart carrying that thing makes me laugh. The entire drive home the dog was barking and whining in the back seat of his pick-up.
Christmas Eve was spent at Nana and Papa Cochrane’s we had a wonderful time and you were SO excited to get to open presents. The entire time we were there you were walking around to all of the presents and people yelling, “RIP IT RIP IT” which actually came out sounding like “RIBBIT RIBBIT”. You had a blast!!

Christmas Day was spent at our house just the three of us. We woke up early (I woke up early) and did everything in my power to keep quiet up until the moment I started banging pots and pans around in the kitchen because the suspense was killing me. I thought for sure you’d get up early since we had been traveling so much and your schedule was off, but you slept in until 8:00. As soon as I heard you start to stir I ran in yelling “SANTA WAS HERE!!! Merry Christmas!!” Before anything else we were on the floor cell phones in hand to capture the moment. We got you started on the first present because you were still in a sleep induced haze, but you caught on pretty quickly. As soon as you’d finish open one you’d point for us to hand you another while yelling, “RIBBIT RIBBIT!!”. Your favorite gift was the Thomas the Train toys we got you. You are absolutely obsessed and we are definitely enabling this addiction. During the day you have to have a train in each hand at all times. I have even gotten you out of your crib in the morning to find you holding on to one of your trains wondering how in the world you got that. In the car we have to watch Thomas while holding Thomas and sometimes wearing Thomas. Hopefully this is a phase :).
Christmas night was spent in Butler at your Nana and Papaw Jennings’ house where we got to see your great grandma and grandpa Jennings’ from San Antonio. The last time they had seen you was the Christmas before and you have changed so very much. You were still very fascinated with your Great Grandpa Ron he had a voice that could quiet a room. During this time we were able to get a four generation picture at your Great Grandpa Ron’s request. It was wonderful.
On December 29th, 2011 early in the morning your Great Grandpa Jennings went out to walk his dog Riley after flying back to San Antonio and never made it home. Your Great Grandma Jean found him lying on the sidewalk Riley at his side. We are so saddened by this Emery Jack, but so very grateful that he was able to meet you. He was a wonderful man and it isn’t the same without him. He was laid to rest in Kansas City, Mo on Friday, January 13th, 2012.
Tomorrow is a very important day for our family as well. This week your daddy has been receiving injections to increase his stem cell production so that he can donate this to a woman that he doesn’t even know. A woman who is very sick and needed someone who matched her bone marrow type. I am so proud of your dad. Some days I look at our life and think, “What did I do to deserve this kind of happiness?” People can look their entire lives for what we have. I hope that we can pass this love of life, and what it holds, on to you.
Life is a very funny thing Emery and every day we are reminded that the reason life is so precious is the fact that it doesn’t last forever, that we can be taken away in a heart beat. My hopes and prayers for you are that you live your life to the fullest and that you make the most of every moment you have. Know that we love you so very much, son.

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