22 Months.

Dear Emery,

Yesterday you turned 22 months old! In a blink of an eye you became a toddler, complete with the meltdowns, and silly personality. I would have a hard time denying that you’re my son because you and I are a lot alike 🙂 (Daddy is so lucky!)
This past month has been full of all kinds of new changes and opportunities. Your daddy has had five interviews in the past month and next week we should be hearing back from 4 of the schools. One school, Missouri State University, has already given us an offer, but we’re waiting to see what the best deal will be before we decide on anything. I hope someday that we’ll be able to put down roots somewhere so you’ll be able to keep your friends and have some stability. Your daddy and I have been gypsies since we were in college. It’s a fun lifestyle to have always moving around, seeing new things, traveling has always been something your dad and I have in common.

This past month has come with little changes in you as well. It’s hard to pinpoint now when these things start happening, but now we’re able to talk to you and receive an answer. The other day when I was driving you home from daycare you asked about daddy and I told you he was at work. You replied, “Ok.” which came out as “O-Day”. When you see family photos now you’re not only able to pick out mommy and daddy, but a couple of nights ago you were able to point to yourself and say, “Emy!” Your dad and I looked at each other with huge grins, we are SO very proud of you.
Last weekend we were making breakfast and you were in your high chair and daddy dropped something and said, “Shit” and then we heard this sweet little voice mocking him saying, “shit, shit.” Our mouths fell open. We knew this day would come. We just didn’t know how soon. Our tiny little guy is growing up. When did this happen?!

You recently got your first pet, if you don’t count the goldfish and the day when we had two dogs for a night. We have a cat who we lovingly refer to as “June Carter”. We rescued her from the humane society and you love her!! You call her “Meow” and this morning were tormenting her with a stuffed mouse. She tries to hide and you follow her into her cat house. It took your daddy 10 years, but he was able to get me to say yes to a cat. Hell has frozen over. 🙂
One minute I’m carrying you in a baby bjorn while you’re snoozing through Target and the next I’m pushing you in the cart each of us Starbucks in hand. Time flies when you’re having fun, Emery.

Emery Jack I love you to pieces.

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