This Post is for Jill.

The other night at work I was having to work on the cash register….Go figure. It was very busy, it was very hot. I noticed that my very first customer was a lady in her late 60’s wearing: Starting from the top this lady had rollers in her hair! IN PUBLIC! Her makeup was so incredibly dark…Think Mimi from Drew Carey. She had on a tube top, cut off jean shorts–basically the shorts were just TOO short (they were right up around her wahoo), and to top off her outfit she matched gray tube socks. *Tube top/Tube socks…..ONLY IN THE 70’s!* The socks were pulled all the way up and matched rather nicely with a pair of pink canvas shoes. Where’s Steven Cojocaru when you need him?

The customer directly after her was an Amish woman in her 50’s with HICKIES on her neck! My first thought was Wal-Mart caters to everyone. My second thought: What else would they do with no T.V, Phone, Computer?

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