Four Things

Four Jobs I’ve had:

  1. Video Dynamics. It was my first real job. Basically I worked with 5 guys renting out videos all day. I also got in my first and last tanning bed there. I fried.
  2. Mazzio’s Pizza. I was the best damned pizza girl ever! I had a lot of fun working at Mazzio’s. It was a dirty job–huh Mark!
  3. Gadzooks- Yes I worked at the mall. Ehh! Christmas in the mall is enough to make me stick my hand in a blender.
  4. Wal-mart. Enough said.

Four Movies I can Watch Over and Over:

  1. Wizard of Oz. I loved this movie growing up. I still love it! I’m reading the book Wicked right now about the Wicked Witch of the West and how she became so Wicked!
  2. Rat Race- This is a fantastic movie, and i’m not sure why I like it so much, it just makes me laugh!
  3. Boondock Saints- LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! One of my favorite movies of all time, it NEVER gets old. Plus I’m Irish, what can I say?
  4. What Dreams May Come- This is a great movie, I love thinking about what it will be like up there, I hope thats how it turns out.

Four TV Shows I Love:

  1. Sex and the City. My absolute all time favorite! I have every season, and Colby and I watch them religiously…Oops sorry Colb!
  2. Lost. Colby and I just went out on a limb and bought the first season without knowing anything about it and its awesome!
  3. A&E City Confidential.
  4. Survivor- I would love to be on that show!

Four Dishes I Love:

  1. My Mom’s Lasagna- SO good. Mim you’re awesome!
  2. My Mom’s enchiladas–Again genius Mims!
  3. Mary Beth’s Chicken and Baked Potatoes!- Not a Dish exactly, but sooooo gooood.
  4. Colby’s Spaghetti! Mmmm.

Four Sites I Visit Daily:

  1. Google Mail

Ok so there’s more than four…

Four Places I Would Love to Go:

  1. New York in the fall.
  2. Ireland.
  3. Japan.
  4. Tuscany

Four Places I Would Rather be Right Now:

  1. I’m absolutely content right where I am, but if I have to choose….
  2. Eating dinner in a fantastic new restaurant in NYC
  3. A Broadway Show….Any show…Anywhere.
  4. Traveling Europe.

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  1. oops.. So I accidently e-mailed you instead of ‘commenting.’

    Video Dynamics, that was the day! And I read your blog every day too!

    Video Dynamics seems like 20 years ago… odd, we’re old now Char 🙁

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